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52. Here’s to the Future!

Here’s to the future!   Instead of goodbye, that’s what my friend used to say.   HIs name was Arnold Penney.   He died at 92. Literally, my oldest friend.   And for some reason, he had erased the word “goodbye” from his vocabulary.   Perhaps it was because he had had so many hard...

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51. 8 Brow-Raising Things I’ve Heard a Lot Lately

I Can’t Recommend This Business Anymore… The Holding Companies Won’t Allow Me to Lead… There Are No Advertising Heroes These Days… I’m Really Hoping NOT to Get Promoted…   These are just some of the brow-raising things that I’ve been hearing lately.   Some of which I’m hearing for the very first time.   Perhaps...

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50. Confidence

It’s in your head.   And it won’t get out.   That little voice only you can hear.   Yet it’s loud and clear.   You’re not good enough.   You can’t do it.   You’re an imposter.   A fake.   A fraud.   And you’re about to be found out.   We’ve all...

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49. Will Agencies Ever Learn? (The Importance of Education & Training)

Gallup says only 29% of Millennials are engaged at work.   With 16% actively disengaged. (Meaning that they’re actually getting paid to undermine their place of work.)   That means over 55% are in the middle. They’re stuck in limbo. Passionate with nothing to be passionate about.   And Millennials aren’t the only ones.   ...

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48. Good Bad News: Turning the Negative into the Positive

Imagine our ancient ancestors out on the long grass of the wild plain.   Their senses fixed upon their predators.   Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!   Meanwhile, the beasts that sustained our predecessors could be passing them by without them noticing at all.   Making their situation that much more dire.  ...

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47. The Calling: How to Make Your Conference Calls Better

No one likes meetings. At least not the way that they’re usually run now. Power Point and Keynote have actually detracted as much as they’ve added to presentations. Presenters being more in the service of their slides than the story that they’re trying to tell. Meetings in person can be rough sledding but conference calls...

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46. Client/Agency Prenups: The Rules of Engagement

Ever wondered about what it would be like to be in an arranged marriage?   Negotiating to be chosen to receive your partner’s dowry?   Hoping that you may actually come to like each other?   Well, that’s pretty much what the new business process is like.   After flirting with one another throughout the...

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45. My Get Up and Go Has Got Up and Went

Go   There it is again   Go   Butting in again   Go   Calling me    Go   Whispering   Kicking   Urging me   To go   Find myself   Create myself   Go   Travel   Go    Write   Go   Pull   Push   Reach   Beyond myself  ...

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44. Is Geico Losing Its Nerve?

Once upon a time, back in an era where beer commercials were all the talk and insurance ads tried to bully you into buying a policy, Geico took a stand. They broke the mold. Zigged when everyone else zagged. And upended every other cliché you can think of. Geico took on fear when fear was...

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43. The Award Show Industrial Complex

Welcome to Episode 43 of Navigating the Fustercluck—a podcast full of snackable insights to help you navigate the tangled-up world of creativity & marketing. My name is Wegs, like eggs with a W, joining you from Deaf Mule Studios in Dallas, where we’re just settling into the New Year. And people are already talking about...

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